Life is Feudal [PVE + RP + Events] Rules

Addition to the community rules:

In order to maintain the best possible server performance and a peaceful coexistence, it’s unfortunately never completely without a minimum of rules….therefore, the following applies to us:

A) Characters:

Second characters are allowed within their own claim.
Secondary characters are not allowed to have their own claim.
Secondary characters are allowed as vacation substitutes, these are to be deleted after termination.

Vacation substitutions must be registered with the GM’s.

B) RolePlay:

RP backstories for claims or characters are to be cleared with the GM’s.
RP will be conducted primarily on events between players.

C) Claims and Outposts:

When establishing new claims, ensure sufficient distance from existing claims to avoid claim overlap.
Claim takeovers/transfers are allowed by mutual agreement, but please note the following:

(a) Acquired outposts shall be demolished.
b) The taken over claim establishes a new outpost after 14 days at the earliest.

Outpost locations must be approved by the GM’s in advance.

One outpost is allowed from claim level 3.
Outposts are to be placed in a space efficient manner:

a) to the coastline

b) to other outposts or to a claim.

D) Outside Claims:

There shall be no sole ownership of dug tunnels, planted trees, or fields/acres. Anyone planting outside of their claim does so at their own risk of losing it to others.
Fields/acres are to be renaturalized by the harvester at the end of their use (topsoil/forest soil over and irrigated, NO BREAK!).
No lanterns are to be placed outside of claims.
Wild dumping is prohibited!

a) ores and stone are processed and for sale e.g. in Koenygshayn.

b) for earth spoil you can order a warehouse from the GMs.

5. tree trunks must be either completely processed or taken away.

E) Trees:

Distance from tree to tree at least 1 tile in each direction, including diagonally. For tree species with spreading foliage (oak, elm, maple, hazelnut) 2 tiles.
Stumps of all types of vegetation must be dug out immediately after felling, both outside and inside the claims.
Spacing is not required for junipers.

F) Looting/Looting:

Settlement (perimeter unfinished monument) of new players may not be looted for 3 days. If unsure/uncertain either leave it alone or ask GM.
In case of upcoming claim resolutions/collapse, arrangements for sole access/looting are forbidden.

G) Attacks/PvP:

Consensual PVP is allowed.
Only direct attacks on another character with punches, items (e.g. tools or weapons), or a mount/carriage are considered attacks.

H) InGame Chats:

Posting in Global Chat is for in-game information only (seeking help, trading, announcing claim visits).
No private conversations or data may be exchanged.

Short small talk is allowed.

Characters who are directly related to each other use the local chat.

Please keep in mind that our server is streaming, the global chat can be shown in the stream!

Our GMs will follow up on these rules, enforce them and if necessary sanction them at their own discretion (e.g. skill resets, temporary bans, permanent bans).

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