Life is Feudal [PVE + RP + Events] Rules

Addition to the Community-Rules

Supplement to the Community Rules

Basic rules

In order to maintain a good server performance and a peaceful coexistence, it’s unfortunately never possible without a minimum of rules….therefore the following comes into force immediately:

A) Trees:
1. distance from tree to tree at least 1 tile in each direction,also diagonally. For tree species with spreading foliage please 2 tiles (oak,elm,maple,hazelnut).
2. stumps of all kinds of plants are to be dug out immediately after felling, both outside and inside the claims.

B) Outside the claims:
1. outside the claim boundaries, there is no legitimate ownership of dug stumps, planted trees or fields/acres. Anyone planting outside their claim does so at their own risk of someone beating them to the harvest.
Reminder: Attacks against other players without their consent will be dealt with at the discretion of the GMs.
2. fields/fields are to be renaturalized by the harvester at the end of their use (topsoil/forest soil over it and irrigate).
3. please do not place lanterns outside the claims.
4.To avoid mountains of debris….
…Ores and stone are processed and can be sold in Koenygshayn.
…for earth debris you can order a warehouse from the GMs.

C) Looten/looting
1. basically not forbidden…BUT with common sense….
Looting new players without a monument is PFUI! …So you scare yourself and all others at most future trading partners…after a 2-3 days playtime is the puppy protection then but also times rum.
2. (Seemingly) masterless horse carriage discovered?..Either leave it or deliver it to Koenygshayn. The king will speak about a Finderlohn right!

From 29.7.2021 the GMs will follow up and enforce these rules and if necessary sanction them at their own discretion (e.g. skill reset, temporary ban, permanent ban).

Outpost Rules

1. locations of outposts have to be approved by the admins/GM’s in advance.
2. number of outposts per claim is based on the claim level as follows:

from claim level 3 it is 1 outpost

3. Outposts are space-saving and as dense as possible
A) to the coastline or
B) another outpost and/or claims
to place

Rules for Characters

– Secondary characters are allowed within your own claim or for the purpose of helping neighbors
(e.g. feeding monuments during absence due to vacation etc.).
In this case please send a short info to a GM.
– Secondary characters do not build their own claims and/or outposts. Such will be deleted unannounced and promptly.

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