Life is Feudal [PVE + RP + Events] Rules

Addition to the Community-Rules

Outpost Rules

1. locations of outposts have to be approved by the admins/GM’s in advance.
2. number of outposts per claim is based on the claim level as follows:

from claim level 3 it is 1 outpost

3. Outposts are space-saving and as dense as possible
A) to the coastline or
B) another outpost and/or claims
to place

Rules for Characters

– Secondary characters are allowed within your own claim or for the purpose of helping neighbors
(e.g. feeding monuments during absence due to vacation etc.).
In this case please send a short info to a GM.
– Secondary characters do not build their own claims and/or outposts. Such will be deleted unannounced and promptly.

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