# 1 Naming

Nicknames may not contain any insults, forbidden or protected names or parts of names. Nicknames may also not only consist of symbols or numbers. The decision as to whether a nickname is allowed on our servers is up to the server team / server management.

# 2 Avatar / Profile Pictures

Avatars / profile pictures must not contain any pornographic, racist, offensive or other content that violates German law. The decision whether an avatar is allowed on our servers is made by the server team / server management.

Supplement # 1 and # 2

Racism and content that is prohibited against German law, of any kind, is prohibited on all of our servers. If there is still this content, this will be brought to a criminal complaint and permanent community exclusion!

# 3 Handling

Dealing with our servers should always be characterized by friendliness. “Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself!” Verbal attacks against players or the server team are prohibited and lead to permanent community exclusion.

# 4 Kick / Ban

A ban / kick is only carried out to protect other players, they are never used as trolls. A ban / kick is always carried out if there is no other possibility. If you are of the opinion that a ban / kick was unfounded, please send an email to

# 5 Rights

Rights are not granted at will, but under strict conditions. Asking about rights is always prohibited on our servers.

# 6 Authority to issue instructions

The entire server team has full authority. Failure to follow these instructions could result in community exclusion.

# 7 Advertising

Third-party advertising is prohibited in any way on any of our servers.

# 8 Hacker Attacks

A hacker attack is a criminal offense and will be reported and prosecuted.

# 9 Data Protection

Private data such as cell phone / telephone number, address, passwords may not be publicly exchanged. Our supporter or admin will never ask for passwords or sensitive data. We only ask for your nickname or the SteamID.

Please pay attention to whom you give which data.

# 10 Own music / Tones

Playing music and sounds is always prohibited on all of our servers.

# 11 Bots

Connecting bots to one of our servers is always forbidden and is punished with a ban. If you have any questions, please contact

# 12 Upload files

Uploading to all of our servers is always prohibited.

# 13 Mandatory Reporting

All players in our community are obliged to abide by the rules. A rule violation must be reported to support immediately.

# 14 Ignorance

Ignorance of these rules is no reason why they do not apply. Every player in our community is obliged to read the rules. Ignorance does not protect one from punishment!

# 15 Scope

These rules apply to all of our servers. They can be expanded but not excluded.

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